Bridging the Gap
One Meal at a Time

At Full Belly, we believe in turning surplus into sustenance. By collecting leftover food from restaurants, we ensure no meal goes to waste. With every donation, we bridge the gap between abundance and hunger, providing nourishment to those in need. Join us in our mission to create a world where no one goes to bed hungry.

Our Services

Where Leftovers Become Lifelines
Join Us in Sharing Abundance, One Plate at a Time.

Recieve Food

Our social work website ensures no one goes hungry. Join us in our mission to provide food to those in need.

Donate Food

Help feed the hungry by donating food. Every contribution matters in our effort to alleviate hunger and provide sustenance to those in need. Together, we make a difference.?

Donate Money

Your donation helps us provide food to those in need. Together, we can make a difference and ensure no one goes to bed hungry.

Our Work

Sharing More Than Food
We're Feeding Hope and Nourishing Communities

Collecting Leftover Food

Discover our impactful initiative: rescuing restaurant surplus. We collect excess food, redistribute to those in need, and foster a community of care.

Feeding the Community

Our mission: providing meals to the hungry. With your support, we've served thousands, nourishing bodies and spirits one meal at a time.

Reducing Hunger

Through community initiatives and partnerships, we combat hunger daily. From food drives to meal programs, we're dedicated to eradicating hunger in every neighborhood.

Our Team

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Ayushmaan Naruka

Ayushmaan Singh Naruka, a first-year engineering student, demonstrates diligence, adaptability, and leadership, while actively contributing to community welfare.


Devesh Taneja, a diligent first-year engineering student, exemplifies integrity, determination, and compassion, dedicated to contributing positively to society.


Abhishek Boken, a diligent second-year engineering student, exemplifies resilience, creativity, and leadership, while actively contributing to societal betterment.


Aryan Gujral, first-year engineering student, exhibits diligence, curiosity, and adaptability. His altruism enriches communities, fostering positive change.

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